Do you need to test or pass a cocaine drug test today?

Many government and employers make you take a drug test, or even worse, surprise random drug testing. If you enjoy your freedom and your employement, you found the right place.

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Cocaine and Crack Drug Testing Methods

The goal for a positive cocaine drug test is to detect benzoylecgonine. This can be done by testing:

your Saliva (spit) tests positive for 24 hours or more after crack cocaine or cocaine use. It becomes detectable in your Saliva about 2-5 minutes after you take the coke drug.

your Blood for a very long time after crack cocaine or cocaine use. It becomes detectable in your blood about 2 seconds after you take the coke drug.

your Urine for 72 hours of crack cocaine or cocaine use. It becomes detectable in your urine about 2 hours after you take the coke drug.

your Hair within 5 days of crack cocaine or cocaine use. It becomes detectable in your hair for about 95 days after you last took the coke drug.

Employers are cheap and therefore often do not pay the expense of drug blood testing. It is the most accurate and most expensive. If you had a workplace incident and injury, they might just pay the extra for the more invasive drug test screening.

Saliva tests are relatively non-invasive/inexpensive and are becoming the most popular for detecting illicit drug use. They swab your mouth and sent it off to a lab. It is a less reliable method of testing. So you may wish for this one instead of the urine or blood, but the urine test is the most easily beat.

More expensive ($150) than conducting a urine test is the hair test where a small clumb of hair, smaller than the diameter of your pinky finger is taken about 1.5" long. If you used the drug with 95 days, you have almost no chance of beating the hair sample drug test. Funny enough, if you have long hair, you would think it wouldn't show up near the hair tips that could be years old, but the tracers they are looking for, move up and down the full hair length, so it can be detectable in hair tips that took 4 years to grow, if you only just used cocaine for the first time in your life just 2 months ago, for example.

Urine Testing for cocaine use is a common and popular method. It is inexpensive ($30-45) and can detect recent use or long-term use. Information that may be valuable to your employer or the courts, and not so good for you. Urine testing checks the presence of the cocaine metabolite benzoylecgonine. A more advanced laboratory will check its creatinine concentration pH level. Most companies will give you at least a few hour warning before they need your urine. So if you have a "clean" recent sample from a co-worker of same gender (so hormones from opposite gender don't give you away from your cheating) you can beat it. Just use whatever works, like a juice box (since you need to drink to give the sample). I would avoid apple juice, as they may confiscate it. But Orange juice works well. Always keep a clean and dry empty juice box on hand. Take your friends sample and tubes from an aquarium or enema kit, which might be closer to your place of employment, As you are more likely closer to a drug store than a fish store. Anyways, be prepared, hide the juice box in your pants and the tube near your front zipper. When asked to give the supervised sample, just use the hose and the juice box, making sure it is WARM. You can do this by keeping it close to your skin from body temperature or setting it in a hot spot like heater or behind your desktop computer fan. Use your imagination.

Cocaine in Urine is detectable for 3 days, and even much longer for habitual users.


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